Maternity Photography

Capture the joy and anticipation of pregnancy with custom maternity photography. Create lasting memories of this exciting time with Bri Holloway Photography.

The Radiance of Custom Maternity Photography


There is no other event in a woman’s life where she goes through so many emotions and changes in such a short time. The growing being inside produces such a sense of awe, excitement and reverence. Bring a maternity photographer I feel that a woman is at her most beautiful when carrying a child. She can throw aside any insecurities about her figure and fully embrace the shape and curves of her changing body. I’ve had many women say that a maternity photography session helps them feel empowered and more beautiful than ever before.

Families Welcome

Since my favorite sessions include families, I always welcome siblings and spouses along to maternity sessions. Children have a magical curiosity and wonderment with pregnancy. Capturing those special moments with older children helps parents remember their little ones before the new dynamic of a new baby has been added.  

The Importance of Timing

Many new  clients are unsure when to schedule their maternity photography session. They often try to book too early in fear that they don’t want to appear too big or swollen in their images. I always suggest scheduling your maternity session between 30 and 37 weeks. During this time, your belly will be round and defined but you will not feel terribly miserable yet. If you have been pregnant before, you will have an idea when that magic time in your pregnancy will be.

Hands on Belly
standing in front of window
looking down at belly outside
pregnant wife lying on husband's lap
Husband and pregnant wife sitting outside
pregnancy silhouette
pregnant belly and blanket
husband and pregnant wife embracing
pregnant couple holding hands

Featured Maternity Session


This awesome mom-to-be hiked a half mile up a mountain to get to this beautiful location – at 37 weeks pregnant! Since they lived literally across the street from this place, we took the first few images inside by a huge window. Once we got outside, it was a perfect Phoenix desert setting on a beautiful evening. The long hike was definitely worth it. The raw, desert scenery was breathtaking. Plus the two were just smitten for each other. This session couldn’t have been more lovely.

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