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The Wonder of Natural Light Photography in Arizona

One of the things I absolutely love about photography in Arizona is the ability to capture the beauty of the Southwest at it’s peak.  The cascading light over the desert landscapes, the piercing contrast at that perfect time of day.  I use various desert locations for many of my family, maternity, and senior photography shoots.  The simply beauty of the desert captures the essence of who we are as Arizonans.

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Sometimes people are amazed when I bring them to a specific location.  From the outside it might look like nothing more than a dusty, arrid, overgrown landscape.  Once we are in the midst of it, however, the beauty begins to come out.  So often we ignore what is right in our own backyards, landscapes and treasures that people all over the United States could only dream of.

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I’m so thankful for the opportunities I have in Phoenix, Scottsdale, and all across the valley to photograph beautiful families, couples, and moms in the natural Arizona light.  We live in a spectacular place that I cannot be more thankful for as a photographer.


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