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This girl has great┬ástyle. Her mix between Stevie Nicks and American Horror Story perfectly compliments her cool and hip personality. Because of her sense of adventure, we explored past my favorite spots in Phoenix and stumbled across a great place called The Duce that’s a combination of hangout spot, eatery, bar, and event venue. The owner was kind enough to let us roam around posing and taking shots inside his place. It was a great break from the heat and an even better compliment to Julia’s style. Afterwards, we travelled to another place┬áto implement a more natural feel into the session. We even got brave enough to kick off our shoes and get knee deep into the river for some better perspective. This is why I love seniors so much. I’m usually up for anything, and they are adventurous to follow along. These risks are always rewarding once they see their images.


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