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Gloomy Day Adventures | Phoenix Family Photographer

The day of this family photography session was 45 degrees, windy and off-and-on rainy. In fact, the entire weekend was filled with showers and thunderstorms. We almost postponed this session for another week but the rain held off just long enough to squeeze this session in. The Phoenix Desert Botanical Gardens was empty and freshly washed from the weather. the Papago Mountains were clear and detailed from the clean air and the kids had a blast jumping in the puddles (a rare occurrence in Phoenix). Even though we were granted no warm evening light and instead, a winter chill and raindrops as we left, it was a great photography session and the family was warm and inviting.


  1. James Griven
    James Griven01-29-2014

    Despite the weather there is certainly nothing gloomy about these pictures! These are undoubtedly professional quality photographs, which paints the perfect picture of how even on the gloomiest of days, so long as you are with your family you can have a good time.

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