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They Have Style | Phoenix Family Photographer

I’m going to be transparent for a minute. One of my biggest challenges getting ready for a session is consulting families on what to where. I am no fashion dive and getting together my own familys photography session outfits takes an entire year itself. Thankfully, I get a lot of families that just absolutely rock their outfits. It’s an even bigger bonus when they can pull it all off on a budget.  Mom did a great job dressing this entire family. Everyone looks put together yet still look like individuals. That’s pretty tough to accomplish. So kudos to all you moms out there (because we all know this job falls on you) who can accomplish this,  because I know how difficult it can be!

  1. Amy Calvert
    Amy Calvert01-30-2014

    There is no denying that this family indeed has great taste in clothing. The kids look really great and they certain appear to feel great too! Your photography is truly professional and the amount of time/effort you put in to ensure that each of your photographs is high quality shows.

  2. Megan Riddle
    Megan Riddle01-30-2014

    Being a mum myself I know how stressful it can be to get your kids looking good for photo shoots, and keeping them in good form throughout the day is almost impossible! Alas, somehow this family has managed it and my gosh they do look good! I will have to go out to purchase some new clothing and see if I can make my children look presentable for once… 😉

  3. Jamie Sockett
    Jamie Sockett01-30-2014

    This family’s style, the quality/professionalism of the photographs taken and the outstanding scenery makes for some truly incredible shoots. I must agree with Amy that it seems that each of these photos has been planned to look the way it does, and it take an expert to be able to construct flawless pictures such as these.

  4. Marina Tapley
    Marina Tapley01-30-2014

    it is a rare occurrence that everyone is happy, and I think the fact that this has been captured in such high quality is something to treasure for a lifetime. I only wish that I had the services available that would have enabled me to have a professional shoot for my children whilst they were young.

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