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Manijeh | Phoenix Senior Photographer

Long natural hair, stellar dance poses, impeccable fashion, a golden sunset and a dramatic desert landscape made for a beautiful senior photography session with this young lady. I really love shooting senior photography sessions. For one, seniors are always up for anything. I can tell them to wade knee deep in a murky pond and they’ll tromp into the water happily. Senior sessions are also a great way to stretch my creative muscles. They love something different, unique, and artistic.

Assar_44 Assar_29 Assar_46 Assar_15 Assar_20 Assar_34 Assar_31 Assar_16 Assar_41 Assar_18 Assar_37 Assar_38 Assar_40 Assar_26 Assar_24 Assar_42 Assar_33 Assar_03 Assar_04 Assar_11 Assar_45 Assar_35 Assar_19 Assar_01

  1. Dan and Melissa
    Dan and Melissa12-04-2013

    These are AMAZING images! Love the lighting in these and the posing is great!

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