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Emily in the City | Phoenix Senior Photographer

This beautiful face has frequented my blog many times. My little sister-in-law and I make quite the ideal pair. She’s a model and I’m a photographer. We never run out of ideas for photo shoots. A few weeks ago, we decided to wander around downtown Phoenix to scout out new locations and play around with new poses she’s been wanting to try. It was cold, rainy, and my phone died about halfway through our trip. But that didn’t stop us from finding some great spots, breaking in our new Holgas (more on this new venture coming soon), belting out songs to Les Miserables, and squeezing in a little shopping as well.

I took some liberty to step outside of my usual processing. I was going for a 1970’s editorial look with a modern twist.



  1. brimom

    These look great Bri and Emily is, as usual, just gorgeous.

  2. John Parli Photo
    John Parli Photo01-12-2013

    Nicely done to the both of you. A couple of naturals. Cool locations as well.

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