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Sweet Smiles | Phoenix Family Photographer

Two curious boys and two fun parents. That’s what I call a dream session. As a mother of two boys myself, I love the bond between brothers and the vivaciousness little boys emanate. I brought along a small bag of Skittles to help gain the oldest son’s trust. Apparently, this was his first time “tasting the rainbow.” I’ve never seen someone in a happier place than when little J was munching on a Skittle.

To all you parents who are worried about their child’s temperament during a photo session: I am not above a little harmless bribery. Some sugary motivation always helps break the ice with small children and helps your session go more smoothly. I remember being the scared new mother in the hospital with my firstborn son who was mere hours old and being bombarded with all the contradictory “do’s” and “dont’s” people need to offer said scared new parents. One nurse, however, gave me a piece of advice I will always remember. “It’s all about survival,” she said.  If having well-behaved children for your family session is something that’s important to you, let loose and bring along some candy, or promise to treat everyone for ice cream after the session if they agree to be little angels in front of the camera. If your kids are well rested, fed and feeling well, 99% of the time we will have a blast.

Now back to this awesome family:



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