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“C” Family Sneak Peek | Phoenix Family Photographer

It’s the middle of June in Phoenix and this morning was 73 and breezy; absolutely perfect weather for a such a great family. Mom brought tons of stuff to focus the energy of three kids which made for a fun and action-packed session.

This first sneak peek picture is just magical and shows the special bond between two sisters.

This next one made me crack up as soon as I pulled it up. Here’s the story behind this one: The whole morning, little “T” pretty much wanted nothing to do with the camera. But of course, as soon as I pull Mom and Dad aside for some couple pictures, he pops right in and hams it up. I go with the flow and tell him to “give Mom a kiss on the cheek at the same time as Daddy”. This is the outcome.

Enjoy your sneak peek “C” family!

  1. megan parker
    megan parker06-13-2010

    The first one is just gorgeous, the second one needs to be on the wall! I love those kinds of photos of my boys, the ones that show their personality!

  2. Holly

    I love the golden light in the first one – gorgeous! The smirk on the little boy’s face is priceless. Gorgeous family!

  3. Vickie Kennington
    Vickie Kennington06-13-2010

    These are really sweet. The backlighting is gorgeous on the first image and I love the look on the little boys face in the second. So sweet 🙂

  4. Megan

    Oh, I love these!

  5. Susan

    Ok….gorgeous photos. The first one is just stunning and the second…..that sly smile is priceless.

  6. Jaidean

    Love the light in that first one – gorgeous! And the second one is just adorable! Great captures!

  7. Lila

    Wow, what stunning colors in these! I’d definitely get that first in a huuuge canvas!!

  8. courtney

    love the little guy’s expression! and the first one is gorgeous … their expressions, colors …

  9. Jennifer Lauren
    Jennifer Lauren06-13-2010

    Such great captures! Absolutely LOVE that first image!

  10. Amy | Moorestown New Jersey Newborn Photographer
    Amy | Moorestown New Jersey Newborn Photographer06-13-2010

    Oh I love these.. supper cute.. and the lighting.. very nice.

  11. mollie

    how SWEET! love these 🙂

  12. Leanne

    Love that first image. It made me smile! I have a canvas of my girls similar, the best money ever spent!

  13. Julie Wagoner
    Julie Wagoner06-14-2010

    So cute! That first image is so precious!

  14. mandy

    What a beautiful family, and the expression on the boy in that last photo is simply priceless.

  15. Jane Photo
    Jane Photo06-16-2010

    The last is a great family moment.

  16. Knoxville Benjamin
    Knoxville Benjamin10-08-2010

    Great shots love the first one.

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