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You know the phrase “A cobbler’s children have no shoes”?  Well, a photographer’s child has no pictures.

I used to be so efficient at capturing my son’s childhood, and I try really hard to keep up the momentum. But recently, things have  been so busy with business and a very involved home remodel that I have rarely thought of getting out the camera to take some updated picture of my little boy. Today he got a haircut and I teased it up into a mohawk. He was playing under our new patio where the light was falling gently across his face. Being a natural light photographer, I am constantly assessing lighting conditions and looking at them as if I were viewing them through a lens. I fell in love with the setting even though it was a dusty work environment. With some careful positioning (making sure not to get dusty tarps and brooms in the background) I snapped these images of him taking rocks out of his bucket. I love these because he’s doing what he naturally does best: exploring his world. Oftentimes these are profoundly better than posed portraits. Don’t get me wrong, formal portraits definitely have their place, but these candid moments speak to my heart.

  1. Katie Lou
    Katie Lou05-30-2010

    He is adorable! Love his hair!

  2. jen

    love his mohawk, too!! beautiful little guy! 🙂

  3. Laura Brett
    Laura Brett05-31-2010

    So sweet, love the conversion!

  4. Susie L
    Susie L05-31-2010

    Aww, what a cutie! Love his little mohawk 🙂

  5. Stephanie

    Love the mohawk! Very cute!

  6. megan parker
    megan parker05-31-2010

    Sooooo cute! I just love mohawks 😛

  7. Cristina

    Those big eyes are so soulful. You captured him beautifully!

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