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Baby “E” | Phoenix Newborn Photographer

I posted this little one’s sneak peek here. She was a perfect baby as far as newborn photography is concerned. Plus, her angelic face just lit up the room. Here are some more from her session:

  1. Susie L
    Susie L05-19-2010

    These are breathtaking! Love the lighting, clarity – everything about these!

  2. Tessa Rice
    Tessa Rice05-19-2010

    These are absolutely stunning! I especially love the moody shot.. gorgeous!

  3. Kristi Mangan
    Kristi Mangan05-19-2010

    so so sweet… LOVE the 4th one – perfect!

  4. Katie

    Stunning, absolutely stunning! Love every single one

  5. Terra

    beautiful,that first one if just perfect!!

  6. Rebecca Knowles
    Rebecca Knowles05-19-2010

    Oh what a precious baby! I LOVE that first capture and the last. What a precious capture of mom & brand new baby! Great job!

  7. Jen P.
    Jen P.05-20-2010

    Absolutely gorgeous!!!!!! Love your posing!!

  8. Rhonda Stark
    Rhonda Stark05-20-2010

    love that first shot .. amazing eye contact! beautiful session!

  9. Jen Stafford
    Jen Stafford05-20-2010

    Oh those eyes! Gorgeous work 🙂

  10. Ramsey

    Beautiful baby. Stunning work. I can’t pick a favorite.

  11. Salina J
    Salina J05-20-2010

    Beautiful! Great lighting.

  12. jennifer adams
    jennifer adams05-21-2010

    awwww these are just precious, absolutely beautiful! Great lighting in these too!

  13. Katherine

    Gorgeous! Wonderful job and such a beautiful baby to work with!

  14. Kimberly Marie
    Kimberly Marie05-23-2010

    Beautiful! wow, #4 is amazing- LOVE it!

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