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Maternity Photography: What to Expect | Phoenix Maternity Photographer


Pregnancy is probably one of the shortest times in a woman’s life, yet it is full of anticipation, excitement, surprises and wonder. Some women even feel their most beautiful when they are pregnant. I encourage every pregnant women to consider maternity photography. It is a time to celebrate the gift of new life.

If you are pregnant or know someone who is pregnant, and are researching maternity photography, you may have many questions. I’ve compiled some frequently asked questions with my own answers and suggestions:

“When should I schedule my maternity photography session?”

I recommend women to schedule their maternity photography session between 28-36 weeks. This is the time where the pregnancy is showing but not too close to the due date where the mother-to-be may miss her scheduled photography session due to an early delivery. It is up to you to decide when within the time frame to schedule a session. Some pregnant women want to be as far along as the can for maternity portraits. Other’s may feel their best before the last few weeks of pregnancy.

“I would love to bring my husband and children along, do you photograph families during a maternity photography session?

I love photographing families. It’s my passion. So please feel free to bring your significant other and any children you may have. Photographing interactions between family members not only allows for variety in your maternity portraits, but adds another dimension of emotion in your photographs.

“I don’t want the studio look that other mainstream photography businesses provide. Can I can choose a location that has a special meaning to me?”

I am a location-based photographer. I have a portable studio that I can bring with me, but I specialize in environmental photography. We can choose an outdoor location or we can hold the maternity session within the comfort of your own home. I am flexible with whatever you have in mind. The wonderful thing about custom portrait photography is that YOU are in control.

“What is your style as a maternity photographer?”

My style as a phogorapher is very relaxed, organic and emotional. I love capturing interactions between loved ones. There is an astronomical difference between a stuffy posed picture and a portrait that looks like a special moment has been caught. The personalities of the people in it are revealed and the photograph can almost tell a story. The photograph becomes a personal reflection of a mother’s love for her unborn child.

I am experienced in creating beautiful black and white photographs that are almost abstract in concept. This style looks beautiful when implemented with maternity photography. The natural curves of a pregnant woman mixed with contrasty directional lighting result in a beautiful effect.

I also specialize in natural settings. Phoenix has some beautiful parks that stay green all year. I can recommend some if you are interested in more natural maternity photographs.

Pregnancy is a very personal experience. Depending on how comfortable you are, I am available to photograph intimate, yet classy maternity portraits as keepsakes.

“How do I prepare for my maternity photography session?”

Take into consideration what you will be wearing to your maternity photography session. Make sure to wear a shirt that flatters your pregnant figure and shows off your belly. Try to avoid “frumpy” clothes; you want to look your best. A solid colored maternity shirt or dress is ideal for your photography session.

If you are wanting an fun, outdoor session, bright colored, stylish clothes look best. If it is cool out, dressing in layers will add depth to your photographs. Accessories like a textured scarf or cute hat add an element of fun and whimsy.

If you desire more natural, simplistic maternity photographs, I can provide a variety of fabric to wear as a wrap. This will give your portrait an artistic, polished look. For these kinds of portraits where much of your skin is showing, avoid tight-fitting bands from maternity pants. These will leave pressure marks. You can also roll the band down at least an hour before your session. Also avoid sock lines by either wearing low cut socks or none at all.

The best piece of advice I can give you on how to prepare for your maternity session is to just relax. This is an enjoyable experience where you can capture the wonder and excitement of your pregnancy.


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