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My son is at the stage where everything is novel. He’s also discovering that every part of his body has a name. He loves pointing to his bellybutton, toes, and can identify all the parts of someone’s face. It’s a great laugh when he gets up close and personal exploring someone’s ears, hair, eyes, etc.

I figured now would be a great opportunity to capture his discoveries. So we had a little photo shoot. I’m planning on hanging these in his room as a grouping I’ll post an update to show everyone the results:




  1. Tori Piercy
    Tori Piercy03-15-2010

    Oh my he is a cutie pie! Love the personality in these! Good job!

  2. Lisa Holloway
    Lisa Holloway03-15-2010

    He is SO cute Bri! LOVE the shot of him pointing at his belly button! CUTE!

  3. Lauren

    What a sweet series, every parent would treasure them! My little neighbor has been slightly obsessed with belly buttons lately, and asks me all the time to see mine 😉

  4. Laura Brett
    Laura Brett03-15-2010

    So sweet love the little tummy.

  5. Rose

    He is so precious! I love the one where he’s checking out his belly button! So cute!

  6. Jane Photo
    Jane Photo03-16-2010

    Love, love, love, esp the belly button

  7. Jen

    These are awesome!

  8. Julie Wagoner
    Julie Wagoner03-16-2010

    So very sweet! I love the belly button shot!

  9. Angela Crutcher
    Angela Crutcher03-16-2010

    Too cute! Love the classic feel to these!

  10. Sophie Crew
    Sophie Crew03-16-2010

    Belly Button! How sweet is that shot!

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