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My Little Inspiration | Phoenix Arizona Baby Photographer

If it weren’t for my one year old son’s charming personality and sparkly eyes, I probably would not be where I am today as a photographer. It’s fitting to have some pictures of him on here because, well for one, I’m a proud Mama; and two, who wouldn’t want to see this handsome little man? I may be a bit biased…

His first birthday portrait:



Some special Daddy/son time:

This child loves his books:

  1. AZ wedding photography
    AZ wedding photography02-13-2010

    Love the daddy and me portrait.. so cute.. all of them 🙂

  2. April

    I love how natural and candid these are but you can tell that you really thought out your shots at the same time. Excellent!
    I love the first one. So celebratory:) And the reading one is super cute too.

  3. Katie

    He’s adorable!!! LOVE that last one. So sweet!

  4. Sophie Crew
    Sophie Crew02-13-2010

    I love these! I can’t pick a fave… all so sweet!

  5. Katherine

    Your son is so cute! I love the joy you captured in that first one, and the one with daddy is so precious.

  6. kellie

    Adorable little guy!! Your clarity is excellent!!

  7. jennifer adams
    jennifer adams02-14-2010

    awww what a cutie, I LOVE that first shot!

  8. Shonda Feddema
    Shonda Feddema02-14-2010

    He is just adorable!! These are all great!!

  9. Megan

    I can see why he inspires….quite the cutie you have!

  10. Jessica

    Oh, he is just a doll!

  11. Lisa Holloway
    Lisa Holloway02-15-2010

    He is SO sweet Bri! You captured his little personality so well…these are awesome, and you really got some great variety too!

  12. Lina

    Very nice captures. Beautiful relationship.

  13. Terra

    what a cutie,that first one is just perfect!!

  14. Sarah Permeh
    Sarah Permeh02-18-2010

    These are beautiful! Such cute expressions, and gorgeous light and color. Beautiful work.

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