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Family Photography: What To Expect | Phoenix Family Photographer

If I had to choose one type of session to photograph the rest of my career, I would gladly choose families. Family photography is my heart and my passion. Interactions between parents and children, brothers and sisters, even kids and their pets, can speak volumes in just one photograph. If you are interested in family photography, But you don’t know what to expect, this blog post is for you.

“What do I wear to my family photography session?”

This question is probably the most popular of all family session inquiries. Sorry, there really is no right answer. It really depends on the type of photography session you’re envisioning and the personality of your family. One thing I will stress to you is try to think beyond white shirts and jeans give color a chance. Here are a few helpful hints:

1) Search around for a cute outfit and base the rest of your family’s clothing colors around that one cute ensemble.

2) Choose two complimentary colors and purchase your family’s clothes with similar hues.

3) Take into consideration your home decor. You’re going to be having those beautiful family photographs displayed in your house. Try to keep the color scheme the same in your family’s clothing choice

“I’m worried the kids aren’t going to be able to stand still long enough for family photographs.”

If this is you, then you’ve come to the right photographer. I specialize in kids being kids. Children usually behave best at the beginning of the photography session; while I’m still “that weird stranger with the camera”. Once they warm up to me and their surroundings, that’s when their attention spans diminish. For this reason, I usually try to get all the “sit still and smile” poses out of the way. Once their done with that, we move on to a more lifestyle photography style which allows for natural interaction between family members; you know, the candid pictures that emanate your family’s personality. So you can see the difference yourself, here’s a good example of a more traditional, posed session, and here is a more relaxed, lifestyle family session.

I also suggest you come to your family photography session prepared for an activity. Bring a large quilt and some snacks for a picnic, set up a tea party, bring bubbles and wands, play some classic lawn games such as croquet or bocce ball, fly a kite, or bring some sidewalk chalk and let the kids loose. This will not only give the kids a chance to focus their energy and loosen the older ones up in front of the camera, but will also provide fun, natural poses that come together to tell a story.

“How long will our family photography session take?”

I allow as much time as possible to photograph the best pictures for your family session. On average, a family of 3-5 people will last 1-2 hours. Larger families require a little more time. I limit my scheduled sessions to one per week. This gives you my undivided attention not only during your photography session day, but also during post processing and ordering. As a result, you will never feel rushed during your family photography session or after.


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