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2 Pounds of Cuteness | Phoenix Pet Photographer

What is the greatest present any girl could ask for? A puppy of course! And a puppy is exactly what Tiffany’s boyfriend presented her on their one year anniversary. Oliver is tiny little teacup yorkie who loves riding around on his mama’s shoulder. We had a lot of fun hanging out with Oliver who received many “aaaws” from every passerby. Here is a sneak peek of Oliver and a beautiful shot of Tiffany:



  1. shannon treadway
    shannon treadway01-14-2010

    OMGosh could it get any cutier! Beautiful captures!

  2. Lina

    Oh, the baby and his momma, both are so cute! 🙂

  3. Kathleen

    awww. . . what sweetness!!

  4. jennifer adams
    jennifer adams01-15-2010

    what a beautiful girl and an adorable little doggie she has, so precious!

  5. Kim Fordham
    Kim Fordham01-15-2010

    Oh my, what a sweet little pooch! His mama is quite a beauty too. Lovely pics!

  6. Jeanette LeBlanc
    Jeanette LeBlanc01-15-2010

    Oh, what a cutie – and she is beautiful!

  7. Lisa Little
    Lisa Little01-15-2010

    She is beautiful and so is her gift! Love the warmth and color in that second image!

  8. Delphine

    awesome backlighting!!

  9. summer

    the lighting coming thru her beautiful blonde hair is absolutely gorgeous….GREAT job!!!

  10. Meghan Poort
    Meghan Poort01-16-2010

    Oh my gosh… she is stunning… the lighting is divine.

  11. Katie

    Your lighting is gorgeous and so are the subjects! I want to take him home!

  12. robyn

    She is beautiful and that puppy is just adorable! Lovely images.

  13. mandy

    The light in these photos is just delicious and full of warmth. I adore them both. What a beautiful woman.

  14. PamN

    I love the lighting in the second one – LOVE IT!

  15. Zoe Berkovic
    Zoe Berkovic01-18-2010

    Awww! Too cute! I love the second image too. The light and girl are beautiful!

  16. Chelsie

    Love your lighting and what a darling little puppy!!

  17. misty


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