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The “B” family traveled all the way from Kentucky to Arizona to be with family for Christmas. Since they were here, they decided to get some nice family portraits done since their new addition arrived two months ago. Their oldest daughter is full of personality and had me laughing several times. Their middle daughter has the sweetest smile and just adores her big sister. The “B” family adopted their middle daughter when she was 3 months old. You can read about their adoption journey on their blog.




Just look at those twinkly eyes:


She didn’t really know what to think about me, but she sure liked my camera:


And “J” in all his cuteness:


  1. Jennifer

    Wow, what gorgeous lighting and a beautiful family! These would make great canvases!

  2. Fabiana

    OH MY – those EYES!!! Just breathtaking. Beautiful color and clarity throughout all of the photos! I can just see the kissing one in the orchard as a 30×20 over a gorgeous couch in their home! ++

  3. Amber

    What a darling little family!! The kids are so beautiful!

  4. Lisa Holloway
    Lisa Holloway01-01-2010

    What a stunning family! Your colors are vibrant and amazing, and I just love the individuals of the little ones…such beautiful eyes!

  5. Connie

    Beautiful family shots and “A” is so adorable! Nice work.

  6. Leslie

    Awe…SUPER sweet family! I agree…those EYES are JUST gorgeous!! 🙂

  7. Mindy

    Beautiful family! I love how you used the light in these! Your color is fantastic- especially in the closeups- beautiful eyes!!

  8. Jane Photo
    Jane Photo01-03-2010

    Such a good looking family! Great job with these.

  9. Stacie

    What a gorgeous family, and your lighting is fabulous.

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